Music was part of many artistic manifestations such as dance and poetry in a ritualistic context, and Coyotzin respects and follows this tradition.

Coyotzin also knows how to reproduce clay instruments with ancient native techniques, and he plays only self-made replicas and original ancient instruments.

Coyotzin start playing music at a very young age, he learn to play drums, percussion and flutes as an autodidact.

As a teenager he discover the ancient musical instruments played in Ancient Meso america, the he decides to take this path. In 1989 he moves to Montreal Canada.

In 1995 after many years of studying and searching for musical instruments, he decides to create a demo tape of 6 songs. and start working with more songs.

In 1997, been far from his roots he learn to love and cherish this heritage so he decides to Moves back to Mexico.

In 1999 he recorded his first release “The Jaguarman Awakening” in the city of Queretaro in Mexico

2000 Coyotzin decides to start making his own clay instruments, due to the bad quality of the instruments he got in Mexico.

2001 he recorded a conceptual album Sorcerer's of antiquity 13 songs recorded in Mexico and mixed in Montreal Canada. only 11 songs were released.

In 2005 he recorded another conceptual album the "Popol Vuh" based on the sacred book of the Maya Tradition.

In 2008 he decided to release an experimental album based on a recording session back in 2002, a new conceptual album inspired in water element so he creates ATL (water in Nahuatl) also he recorded a demo with Native American Flutes.

Fort the third and final part of the sorcerer's tales Coyotzin decided to work on the the legend of the suns of the Tolteca Chichimeca tradition.The album was recorded in the winter of 2008 but due to different problems the album was released only in 2010 also thanks to the help of sound designer Sylvain Cagelais