Jaguar man Awakening

Somewhere, deep in the Mexican forest, a sorcerer of ancient times is chosen to enter the sacred Jaguar cave. Inside this sacred cavern the sorcerer has six powerful visions, those visions lead him to his real inner Self.
The Jaguar man awakes!

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Sorcerer's tales fisrt part: Sorcerer's of antiquity

My research on the mesoamerican precolumbian cultures and especially with the musical instruments begun with my interest in the magical aspect of these cultures. The magical side was hidden for a long time because of European catholic priest, they though that all the liturgical pre-Columbian practices were things of the devil. The great knowledge and religious practices as traditional medicine got at a very high level at that time. Teotihucan, Xochicalco, toltecs from Tula, and Acolhuacan Texcoco were some of the very highest as Totonaca from Tajin, Zapotec, and the many Maya cultures.

With this album I am trying to recreate some of this magic side of my ancestors. I found that the theme was so vast to try to cover it in an album so I decided to work with one culture at a time. I present the fist part of what could be a tetralogy (four music cd's). The first cultures I am working with are the Teotihuacan and Toltec. Here I try to recreate their religious beliefs, their divinities,their sacred calendar, the first couple, the water and earth cult, the duality. Original mesoamerican musical instruments were used from Teotihucan, the Gulf of Mexico, Guerrero and Maya cultures. Also I used for the first time functional replicas of quadrupleflutes found in Teotihucan and the Maya zone and triple flutes. 11 songs, available in CD, FLAC and mp3 format





Sorcerer's tales second part : Pop wooh

This is the second part of the traditional tales leave by our ancestors before the invasion of western European people, and the lost of our first identity. The Maya World was more complex than it seems. We think all the cultures who flourish in south eastern Mexico, Guatemala and central America were all the same, but there are mayor differences between Cultures like «Palenque » or «Quichen Itza» or other mayor cultures from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Maybe the link between all these cultures was the influence of Olmec mother culture.

This Part is dedicated to the Sacred tales of the Maya Quiché the «Popol Vuh», I decide to work with this traditional tales because is one of the ancient works that came to us almost unmodified by Europeans. A personal reason is that the Quiché Maya are from Toltec origin as revealed in the same book. Finally because I believe there’s a unique tradition between the Maya Quiché tradition and from the Toltec tradition on the center of Mexico. My deepest wish is to recreate with this melodies, a forgotten and mysterious world now ignored by western folk but alive in the hart of all my brothers of the Mayab. Coyotzin

11 songs, available in CD, FLAC and mp3 format






"Water is the vital principle and the base of development in Mesoamerican cultures. This element was so important and appreciated, that many divinities were attributed to the element. Tlaloc and Chalchiutlicue, in the center of Mexico, or Chac in the Maya culture. The cult of water divinitys was an essential part of life on pre-columbian times. The agriculture was the main support of the cultures in ancient Mesoamerica. The corn and other cultures depended on the rain season, It was a symbolic meaning of life when the celestial water fell down and fecund the earth"

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Sorcerer's tales Third part : The Legend of the Suns

The legend of the sun is a very ancient tale, it came to us preciously preserved in sacred books. (Amoxtli) At the end of XVI century was translated to Castilian (spanish) by one of the informants of Bernardino de Sahagun, in spanish is better known as codex Chimalpopoca, the legend of the suns is only a fragment of the full tale.

The Legend of the Sun is a telling of the past before the existence of the world as we know it today. After the gods created the earth, the heavens and the underworld, a chain of destruction and creation unfolded that caused the existence of five different worlds throughout time. Each world is an Age dominated by its sun, and therefore each Age is called a Sun.

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